Research Volunteer

Research Volunteer

As a research volunteer at UCN you will acquire both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience with experimental, cognitive neuroscience. You will have to go through a training course before participating in any active research. Once fully trained, you will be attached to a project and become part of a team consisting of other research volunteers and your supervisor (a staff member of UCN). The time frame of a project varies considerably – anywhere between two to six months.

Research volunteers at UCN include Danish as well as foreign scientists – both university students and more experienced researchers.

Presently, there are no paid positions open at UCN. However, if you consider working as a research volunteer at UCN for a longer or shorter period of time, you are welcome to contact us for additional information.

For students at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, it is possible to earn ECTS-points for participation in a research project. For further information please read about the formal requirements here. 

Regardless of your affiliation regarding university and department, it may be possible for you to include an internship at UCN as part of your studies or research at UCN as the empirical basis of a Bachelor paper or Master thesis. In most instances, certain formal requirements will have to be met, and if you are considering such an arrangement, please contact Professor Jesper Mogensen for further planning.

To learn more about the type of research that takes place at UCN please visit our about us and research page.

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