Jesper Mogensen

Professor of Neuroscience & Head of UCN


The overreaching research topics of Jesper Mogensen are the neurocognitive organization and reorganization of the normal and injured/disease affected brain as well as neuroplasticity (with special emphasis on experience-associated neuroplasticity). These topics are addressed utilizing a broad spectrum of experimental as well as theoretical approaches. Experimental approaches include an extensive use of animal models (with special emphasis on traumatic brain injury and cognitive/behavioural processes associated with problem solving). But the experimental work also includes human studies addressing normal neurocognitive processes and the consequences of brain injury as well as the posttraumatic processes associated with cognitive and neural reorganizations. At the theoretical level the development and utilization of the neurocognitive REF (Reorganization of Elementary Functions) model has been in focus.

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Academic Summary


Magister Artium in neuroscience and psychology from University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1985 (based on studies within medicine and psychology)

Research Fields

  • Cognitive neuroscience – experimental studies and neurocognitive modeling
  • Neurocognitive organization and re-organization of the normal and injured brain
  • Brain injury and posttraumatic cognitive recovery
  • Development and utilization of neuroscientific animal models


Biological psychology and neuropsychology, Cognitive Psychology,  Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Neurorehabilitation,

Current Research Projects

  • Glutamatergic support of cognitive recovery after traumatic brain injury
  • The role of hippocampus and prefrontal cortex in implicit spatial memory
  • Treatment of persistent post-concussive syndrome


Cognitive Psychology
Neural Plasticity